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Pro Master Lawn & Tree LLC has been protecting, preserving and curing sick trees since 1997. We can offer a quality tree service and expert advice on all your tree care concerns, needs and questions. Whether you need tree stump grinding service, tree spraying, tree pruning service, tree trimming service, stump removal service or tree diagnosis, Pro Master Lawn & Tree LLC can help. We stand by our work 100% and our track record proves it.

Our tree services include:

  • Tree Maintenance
  • Tree Care Service
  • Emergency Tree Service
  • Tree Pruning Services
  • Tree Trimming Service
  • Stump Removal Service
  • Tree Stump Grinding
  • Stump Removal Service and much more

More about tree maintenance:

Proper tree maintenance and preservation services begin with a diagnosis of the current condition of your yard. Our recommendations and services are customized because they are based on the particular shrubs and trees on your property. Regular maintenance may require feeding or tree spraying every time we visit while other trees may require a tree pruning service or even no extra care in order to thrive. Our specialists will take the time to discuss and care for specific trees on your property.

Tree-Service-Jacksonville-FLTrees require regular maintenance and care!

Taking care of your trees will keep them healthy and will add extra years to its life. Regular tree care service can prevents diseases and defends the tree against strong winds. Having healthy trees in your yard can make you sure that during a storm you and your family are in safe. If a problem with a dead tree occurs or you need the professional expertise of our company just contact us and if it’s necessary our tree cutters will do what should be done to deal with the problem. We strongly recommend to use the tree care services of a reliable company like us because your life could be in danger if you try do them by yourself.

The tree removal process:

Tree removal is recommended when the tree is dying, damaged, dead, causing hazards or obstruction, or when a replacement of a more suitable tree is needed. We start by pruning the tree from the top to the bottom. Then we talk with you about options for the stump removal and logging service and give you advice on what will benefit you.

Trees can fail and break causing serious damages to your home. During storms even a healthy tree may break. Pro Master Lawn & Tree LLC is just a phone call away for an emergency tree service with fast response time and high level of efficiency. We offer 24/7 emergency tree removal services to our clients in Jacksonville, FL. Don’t hesitate to call us at (904) 591-6691 anytime you need help with a fallen tree or dangerous branches in your property. We have the right equipment and our staff has extensive experience in this field.

Learn about stump removal service:

Pro Master Lawn & Tree LLC offers affordable stump removal for any size tree stump. With our top of the line equipment and tools, we can remove any unsightly stump from anywhere on your property. We can remove it when we cut down your tree, or you can contact us at a later date for a professional stump removal.

We specialize in quality stump grinding when it comes to troublesome and large stumps in difficult locations. Pro Master Lawn & Tree LLC will grind your stumps below the ground level, remove mulch, and replace dirt.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions regarding our tree company and the services we provide for our clients in Jacksonville, FL, here, you can find the answers needed. If you still cannot see the answers you are looking for, give Pro Master Lawn & Tree LLC a call at (904) 591-6691 for more information. We will answer all your questions!

Q: What should I look for in a tree service near me?

A: When you are looking for a professional tree company, reliability, quality, and experience are three key factors to explore. We have many years of experience, and we provide a full range of services.

Q: Why is it required for a tree company to have insurance?

A: By its very nature, tree work should only be done by a professional because it’s hazardous. Liability insurance is quite essential to protect you, the client, and your home or business from potential risk and damage.

Q: Why should I prune my trees?

A: They need to be pruned for several reasons. These may include aesthetics, safety, and tree health. Dead or broken branches can be dangerous if they fall. Sometimes without warning, even on a calm day.

Q: Will my property be protected if I hire your company for professional tree removal?

A: We take the precautions required to protect your home or business, minimizing the impact on your landscape. Our crews will lay down protective material over sensitive areas.

Q: What are the benefits of planting or keeping trees on my property?

A: There are many. The natural beauty that a tree can bring to your property is beyond measure. Seeing seasons change in the changes in a tree reminds us of the natural cycles of life.

Q: How to tell the age of my trees?

A: Just like people, trees have a lifespan. Depending on the environment and its species, trees can live for hundreds of years. Unfortunately, the best way to tell a tree’s age is to count the growth rings when you cut it – something you want to avoid.

Q: Should I turn to your company when I need tree stump grinding near me?

A: Yes. We guarantee that the job will be done correctly in a timely and effective manner. Throughout the years, we have been among the preferred service providers, thanks to our dependability and professionalism.

Q: Will my tree fall?

A: Hazard assessment is one of the jobs of your arborist. As trees age and grow, they become subject to many stress factors that may easily affect their structural integrity. Choose our company, and we will inspect your trees.

Q: There is a tree stump near me – to be more exact – in my property. Can I hire this company to remove it?

A: Tree stumps can be quite an eyesore. You can easily remove them, with the dependable assistance of our company. We achieve timely and beautiful results at the right price.

Are you still having trouble finding the answers to your questions regarding our tree service in Jacksonville, FL? If so, you are more than welcome to give Pro Master Lawn & Tree LLC a call, and we will be more than happy to answer all your questions! We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Get more information about tree pruning:

Tree-Pruning-Services-Jacksonville-FLTree pruning service or scheduled tree trimming for health includes the removal of diseased, dead or broken branches in order to prevent decay-producing fungi from penetrating and infecting other areas of your trees.

Finding a reliable tree contractor in Jacksonville, FL to perform a quality tree service can be quite a challenge. If a company is not professional and experienced in their service they can leave your property looking terrible.

So, how do you choose the right tree service provider? How about one that has been in business for over 15 years and guarantees their clients satisfaction. Pro Master Lawn & Tree LLC offers a wide range of residential and commercial services to Jacksonville, FL.

Additional areas we serve

You don’t have to be from the Jacksonville, FL area to be able to experience top-quality tree services. We also cater to the needs of clients in the following areas so make sure to check the list below.

  • Oceanway, FL
  • Sea Breeze, FL
  • Forest Trails, FL

So, whether you have a tree growing too large for your Jacksonville, FL yard or one that has become hazardous, give Pro Master Lawn & Tree LLC a call and we will assess the situation for you. Our tree cutters will help you anytime you need help with the trees in your yard. Our pledge is to establish lasting relationships with our clients by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance by every member of our crew.

Client Testimonials
by James Bulter on Pro Master Lawn & Tree LLC
Great Service

Over the past 5 years, they have provided a quality stump grinding and tree service to my property. I have close to 30 trees and they require constant care and I wanted stumps removed as well. Their team is very knowledgeable, hardworking, and kind. They always leave the area cleaner than it was when they arrived. Would recommend to anyone. You will not be disappointed.

Pro Master Lawn & Tree LLC
Jacksonville, FL 32218
Phone: (904) 591-6691

  • Tree Maintenance Service
  • Tree Care Service
  • Emergency Tree Service
  • Tree Pruning Service
  • Tree Trimming Service
  • Stump Removal Service
  • Tree Stump Grinding Service

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